Petal1™ Space

Petal1™ is Space.  This includes both inner space and outer space.  Space is the number one important petal for women because it is not always easy for women to get in the mood for sex or sensuality.  There’s quite a lot of the societal programming in the way.  None of the other petals really work without first honouring petal number one.
Your Physical Space
As you prepare to practice my Petal1™ practice track (Self-Love Flooding), think about what kind of physical space you want to be in.  Where do you really feel relaxed, present, inspired, charged up? There’s no right or wrong answer.  How do you enter into ritual space, something different than everyday reality?  I suggest you make sure you’re warm enough, have some nice music on hand, some candles, some incense, or aromatherapy: this is the feminine way.  Take the time to set up your space.  You deserve it!
Your Internal Space
Internal space is where your mind is at.  What do you need to bring yourself into a state of excitement for self-pleasure; to be excited for practice?  This can be anything from an intention, to a visualization, a prayer or even a sexual fantasy.  Something that focuses your mind on pleasure.  You can set up an altar and offer your practice to any energy or deity that feels good to you.

One of the reasons we find it hard to get into sex or masturbation as women is because we don’t think that we are beautiful or that our bodies are working properly.  There’s so much negative and wrong programming around body image.  That’s why I have put this track first.

Self-Love Flooding brings together self-massage with emotional freedom technique (EFT).  It is about giving your body a new message and re-wiring the program in your mind.  You are going to tell your body that you are here for her and that you deeply love and accept her exactly the way she is.  From head to toe.

Click here to head over to the practice track and to see the whole 5Petal™ basic toolkit. Happy practicing!

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