Petal2™ Movement

Petal2™ is Movement.

Movement is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s about getting energy circulating through your whole body, through any activity that not only gets you moving, but also gets your heart open.

Warm up for self-pleasure can be something joyful like dance or going for a walk outside in nature.  It can be pilates or qi gong or any fitness exercise.  Getting your life force energy moving, in general, is part of your sexuality and is a wonderful way to just get into your body.

For me, it’s dance.  I love, love, love to dance!  That is why I have created for you a wonderful warm up called Move-Connect.

In Move-Connect, I’ll be guiding you to feel movement through different parts of your body.  I will guide you especially to really get into your hips and bring energy all the way from the heavens down through your heart.  Then bring energy up from the earth, that nurturing centre of like molten lava that is so yummy and nourishing, right into your heart.

This exercise is fun and gets energy flowing all throughout your body.   I’ve left the track without music so you can put on your own favourite music to dance to.   Make sure you have enough space to move around.  Let your heart be free. Let your body move however it wants to!  And enjoy!

After you practice Move-Connect, you can move into any other self-pleasure ritual you choose or move into your day or evening.

Practice Now.

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