Petal3™ Breath

Petal3™ is Breath.  Breath is such an important part of our existence.  It’s our foundation, our fundamental life force energy.  In the practice of tantra, we consciously and intentionally bring awareness to our breath, so we can literally change how much sensation we’re feeling, how much emotion we’re feeling and how much energy is building.  We can cultivate more energy, or we can pace ourselves at choice.  Isn’t that amazing?

I encourage you to practice Petal1™ and Petal2™ before doing this Petal3™ practice as we’re moving into a powerful change-place.   Breath assists us to enter different states of consciousness.  It helps us to become more aware of how our body and our energy really work.

I’m giving you a practice called microcosmic orbit (MC Orbit) for Breath, which is brings together sensation and awareness at your pelvic floor with synchronized breathing.

I will be guiding you to activate your pelvic floor, by drawing up an imaginary elevator.  I will also be guiding you to pump the pelvic floor by squeezing and releasing.  It literally gets your “love pump” going at the base of your spine.  Then sexual energy can rise throughout your body and circulate.

MC Orbit is an ancient Taoist tantric technique and is super, super powerful.  For me, MC Orbit  changed how I experienced my body and my sexuality.  It changed how I experienced the act of lovemaking.  The strength and awareness that you build through this practice will assist you in amplifying the results of all the other Petals.  It will also give you a lot to work with in partnered sex.

Click here for the link to my step-by-step instructional guide for MC Orbit and all my other 5Petal™ basic practices!

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