Petal4™ is Voice or Sound, using your own voice to connect deeply into your body.  It’s an extension of Petal3™ (Breath).  With the addition of sound, you begin to have access to emotions and sensations, allowing for deep inner healing and re-programming.

Sound bypasses your thinking mind.  It allows you to really disappear into the experience.  It also allows you (and/or a partner) to know exactly what you’re feeling in each moment.  Sound removes blockages to honesty and intimacy.

And what are these blocks?  Many of them are simply messages we’ve been given as women by society that we are not supposed to be too sexy, or have too much desire, or go too wild, or have too many needs.  Even for me as a singer-songwriter and someone who has used and practiced my voice a lot, I hit these blocks in the bedroom.

That’s why Petal4™is super powerful.  It’s about listening to yourself.  Feeling yourself.  Hearing yourself.  Accepting yourself in all of who you are.  And freeing yourself. It’s cleansing and purifying.

The practice I am offering for Petal4™ is called Sexy Sounding.   I will be guiding you through a breath practice, then into improvised sound-making as you feel through your whole body, including your female anatomy.  You’ll be able to follow along with my instructions for sexy sounding.  Put on some nice background music.  Set aside enough time.  Make yourself feel really comfortable.

Remember that practicing something new is like practising fitness.  You show up, do your best, and then next time maybe you go a little bit further.  Be gentle with yourself.  Using your own voice is healing and revealing.  Take out a journal afterward and write down what came up for you or draw it out.  Take note of your process as you heal through your voice and connect to your beautiful body temple, your divine femininity, your sexuality.

Click here to access sexy Sounding and all the other 5Petal™ basic intro tracks.

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