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Petal5™ is Touch.  I’m hoping if you’re reading this blog that you’ve already read, and hopefully even practiced, Petals 1,2,3 and 4.  If you haven’t, click here to access all the 5Petal™ basic intro tracks.

Petal5™ is, in some ways, the one that we are most familiar with.  Yet, as women we need permission to really explore self-touch in a way that’s potentially different than we have heard about, or seen modelled.  It’s different from how touch works for men in sexual turn on. For men, it’s more genital focused or at least genitals first, until a man’s whole body becomes more awake and alive.  For women it’s the reverse.  We get turned on sexually more easily once our whole body first gets relaxed and touched and caressed all over.  We want to be teased and flirted with.  We want connection, appreciation and sensuality.

So in this practice audio, Massage to Centre, I’m going to be sharing with you a special way of expanding Petal1™, Self-Love Flooding.  Not only will you be using holding touch on different parts of your body, but you will be flirting with yourself, teasing, trying different touches, exploring for fun and pleasure!   Doing this on your own is so empowering and fulfilling for partner sex.  Being able to tell your partner what you like is wonderful – and HOT!

Massage to Centre is a practice I adapted from my Somatica® coach training.  The idea is to touch and stroke your own fingers and hands and arms and face and toes and feet, etc. before touching “centre”:  ie – breasts and privates.  I’m going to be guiding you through a practice of exploration, leading to a breast massage so you’re gonna want to have some oil ready.

Choose a nice natural oil like jojoba or sesame oil or coconut oil.  You’re going to explore your whole body and then at the end of the track, you can go ahead and start exploring sexual turn on, in whatever way you like!

Find some music that you love, that’s really sensual to you, that gets you in the mood.  And have a beautiful and fun exploration!

You can access Massage to Centre and all the other 5Petal™ basic intro tracks here!

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