Power of 4 Coaching Circle

Power of 4 Coaching Circle

Has there ever been a time where togetherness has felt so important?
Right now we are in a time of great change. The 
feminine voice is rising and the Divine Feminine is emerging.
  • Are you feeling isolated or disconnected?
  • Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life?
  • Have you thought about 1:1 coaching but feel concerned about the expense?
  • Would you love to grow and deepen with 3 other women who share similar values and goals?
Then the Power of 4 Coaching Circle might be for you!
Four women meeting regularly to transform as a group.  What appeals to you about this opportunity?  There is something special about the number 4yes?
4 Seasons, 4 Directions, 4 Sacred Elements, 4 Nations on the Medicine Wheel…. that TV show Sex in the City….lol!

But really... 4 is a Feminine Number.
Power of 4 is an opportunity to receive coaching amongst a group of your friends and to support and witness each other’s evolution process. You get to create and deepen into sisterhood.  Share the journey and the challenges. Celebrate each other’s strengths. Move together toward your dreams!  Working together, here are some of the benefits you can receive from group coaching:
 Find the courage to start a new project, ask for what you want in your relationship, attract your soul mate, change your career, love your body, manifest your dreams.

 Contribute to the voice of the rising feminine by amplifying each other’s gifts and  natural radiance.

 Learn from each other & grow together.

 Ignite your Inner Goddess, step into your power and activate your juicy feminine essence through the mirror and embrace of other women.
If you are feeling the call to do something amazing for yourself and to get out of isolation, this might be your perfect opportunity.
It’s something we all need right now; more community, more authenticity, a safe and supportive space to be ourselves as we navigate the powerful changes and challenges around us.
Here’s how it works…


The group coaching sessions are experiential and “in-the-moment.”


There is no set curriculum or topic. Each woman receives a 20-minute coaching session in whatever topic she chooses while being held energetically by the group. Each session includes group check-ins and sharing as well.
Being with other women while receiving coaching is a profound and touching experience. You get to learn from and support one another. Group process is how we let go of a lot of the societal shame and social conditioning that has weighed us down as women.
Here’s exactly what you get…
  • A 2-Hour group coaching session online every two weeks
  • Your own individual mini-session in the group time slot
  • A guided buddy system for in between sessions
  • An online resource folder with recommendations, videos and empowerment practices
  • 15% discount off private coaching with Zoey while enrolled in the program
How much is it?


Introductory Monthly Rate: $179 per month, per participant
Minimum Group Commitment: 3 Months
Power of 4 Shadow
Is this for me? Yes if…
       ✨ You want to free your voice and manifest your dreams
       ✨ You feel excited about having a special and fruitful regular time with a small                    group of women every 2 weeks.
        ✨ You are longing for sisterhood.
        ✨ You are ready for coaching!
Power of 4 may not be for you if…
  • You need some more time in your life before embarking on deep personal growth and transformation.
  • You are not prepared right now to make a minimum commitment of 3 months with a group.
  • You are experiencing serious physical or mental health issues. You will need to do personal therapy or your own healing sessions first.
✨ Ready to Act? Your Next Step…✨
If you love the idea of Power of 4 and you want to participate, your next step is to fill out an application form.
I have a limited number of spots in my calendar per year for this program so don’t miss your opportunity!
can’t wait to connect and share the magic of The Power of 4 with you!
With love,
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