Women’s HeartSong

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Women’s Heartsong

Have you been looking for a women’s circle? Wanting to develop and open your voice? Throughout time and around the world women have gathered together to sing. Healing your voice opens you to your power, makes you a stronger communicator and leads the way to a more passionate and empowered life!

Learn basic vocal technique, harmonizing, group blending, vocal toning, and songs and chants from various traditions.

Experience the joy of your spirit and the depth of your heart within a circle of women who offer singing as healing for themselves, the community and the planet.

No experience is necessary. A safe and supportive environment is created for all women’s voices regardless of experience.

  • Come home to yourself
  • Connect with your heart
  • Reclaim the power of your voice
  • Sing with freedom

Women’s Heartsong is a 6 Week Series that is offered 2-3 times per year on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in Nelson, BC.

For information on the next FREE INTRODUCTORY CIRCLE visit the events page.

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Thank you for being you and allowing us to be comfortable receiving and allowing us to be who we are. You have genuine warmth and loving nurturing mother energy – I felt you channeling mother earth and many other energies when we were singing.

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I usually like to sing in the car or around the house but after being in the singing circle I’ve noticed a change. My voice feels freer, seems to have a better range and best of all I am less judgmental of how I sound! It’s great to just let yourself go and sing with abandon!

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I joined Women’s Heartsong to help find my voice but ended up finding so much more – a sense of confidence, connection, mindfulness and play. Zoey created a safe space to explore the healing power of music and guided us in finding a collective voice that was beautiful, nourishing, and powerful.

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Thank you for Heartsong … for selecting songs that spoke so very deeply to my heart and soul. Your beautiful voice and spirit is like a river that flows through the women in our community!

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I loved anticipating our group meeting, not just for the chants and songs but for your inspiration and for the wonderful, warm, welcoming gathering of women who shared their time, dreams and spirits with me.