These recordings were created for healing, relaxation, meditation and creative inspiration.  All original music by Zoey Wren.

Check out Sounding the Chakras for a powerful self tune-up and way to connect to your spirit.  Light on the Water is perfect for zen relaxation and chill-out inspiration.  Make Me A River is a great album to sing to and live by.  Click on and listen to individual tracks or purchase the CD online.

Sounding the Chakras – Listen

A new and innovative “vibrational sing-along” with which you can energize, harmonize, and vitalize your chakras through your own voice. Zoey provides a useful introductory track explaining which colour tone and vowel sounds are associated with the chakras, and what to expect, as well as different ways to attune with this music.

Light on the Water – Listen

A collection of solo piano meditations – perfect for yoga, massage, relaxation, and gentle background music. Light on the Water was recorded live in a church with beautiful acoustics.

Make Me A River- Listen

A collection of original spiritual prayers and songs touching on Native American, African, Vedic, and Latin. The arrangements for Make Me A Riverwere performed by some of Vancouver’s finest studio musicians.

Zoey’s CDs are also available for purchase at Banyen Books in Vancouver, BC and at Gaia Rising in Nelson, BC or online


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“Sounding the Chakras is a journey through the chakra system, from root to crown. Each track is a deliciously subtle sonic tuning using both musical tones, bells, and human voice.”
– Banyen Books Reviews.

“Zoey Wren’s piano CD, Light on the Water, flows like a river. It journeys into pools of quiet reflection, cascades into rhythms of power and spacious joy, and leaves the listener refreshed and inspired.”
– J . Lazar

“Zoey Wren plays from the heart, her bell-like piano tones resonating out into lacey filigree and heart murmur….. This is deeply satisfyingly simple music which conveys a very human feeling of peace, so needed in our world.”
– Banyen Books Reviews

“Zoey Wren has a beautiful voice and wonderful musical sensibilities. Most importantly she connects us to something greater than ourselves with songs that are both personal and universal.”
– Ken Whiteley