Hope You Had a PLEASURE-FILLED Summer. I Have a Gift For You!

Have you ever been in a situation where you partner is asking you how you want to be touched, where you want to be touched, and at what pace, and you simply don’t know? You get muddled and overwhelmed or you feel ashamed and guilty?

It’s okay! Most women are on a path of fully re-awakening sensual pleasure. Here are some guidelines to consider:

5 Steps to Embracing Your Pleasure as a Woman

Step 1: Listen to your body
Your body is a sacred temple with amazing capacity for joy and pleasure. It is giving you constant messages throughout the day.

Do you listen to your body? Do you focus on your breath? Do you move, sound, dance, or walk, when you need to?

Step 2. Slow down, way down…
A woman’s body is not meant to perform and produce the way a male body does in sex, or in life in general. Your body is tuned to the rhythms of the earth.

Do you slow down when things feel too fast? Do you notice when your boundaries are crossed? Do you speak up for your needs even if they differ from your partner’s needs?

Step 3. Re-set your pleasure meter
When an offer of pleasure comes your way, you may say no when you want to say yes, and during good sex you may get distracted or feel unworthy of pleasure. This is because women are conditioned to place self-pleasure low on the totem pole. Do you regularly re-set your pleasure meter? Do you fill your own cup first?

Take yourself on dates? Go to the spa, get your nails done, buy new earrings? Do you take pleasure breaks?

Step 4. Reach out and touch yourself
Touch is a powerful tool for wellness and vitality, releasing feel-good hormones and creating calm and security in your nervous system. Self-touch teaches you the ins and outs of your body so you can be a better lover, and feel and enjoy more when others touch you.

Do you give yourself a breast massage or warm oil massage at home? Do you self pleasure regularly?

Step 5. Start asking for what you want
Pleasure is your birthright. When you start asking for things that make you feel good such as: regular communication, hugs, quality time, massage, pussy massage, cuddles, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, you start becoming a magnet for love and pleasure!

Do you reach out when you feel sad, angry or depleted? Do you ask for bonding and connecting time with your partner? Do you journal your emotions to get clear? Do you ask for sex when you want it?

If you did not answer yes to all of these questions, you are not alone! Most of my clients struggle with embracing pleasure. This is because we are taught as women that pleasure is dangerous. Pleasure leads to sex, sex is dirty, sex gets us pregnant, gets us into trouble, seeking pleasure gets us called a slut, etc. This programming is so engrained you may not even realize it is running you.

The problem with being trained away from pleasure is that we are missing out on a vital source of energy, radiance, and inner clarity. Pleasure is power!

You do not have to be in this reclamation alone! That’s why I am offering you a complimentary Pleasure Awakening Session. In this session we look at where you are stuck, where the challenge is, and what path might help you move forward. I will identify a key step to help you start fully enjoying and embracing your pleasure as a woman.

We’ll also see if it is a fit to do some more work together. Either way, I look forward to supporting you and sending you forward on your journey of pleasure. Please go ahead and book your Pleasure Awakening Session now!

Remember, Love is Your Nature!

– Zoey

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