The one time you should start an argument…

It can be so challenging to raise our voices as the women when what we want to say goes against the grain or the status quo. I find myself often checking: ”Is it worth it? Will I be heard? Is this the right time and place? Am I just overreacting?”

However, there is one situation about which I have become 100% convinced and adamant. When nature or animals are being neglected, ignored, or dismissed.

Every summer I struggle with the rampant use of chemical sunscreens and their effect on the environment. It absolutely breaks my heart to see adults and children slathering on Coppertone 60 and then entering beautiful lakes and rivers to deposit the toxic chemicals into the earth’s waterways.

I have struggled with this in my own family. My husband hates natural sunscreens. The consistency does not please him. The white titanium powder, which is the natural sun blocker, does not soak in and disappear. I guess he doesn’t want to look like a patchy white dork like me…

But this summer I simply put my foot down.

I said: ”I cannot be around you if you use non-natural sunscreen around me.”

I literally get a somatic, body-level discomfort when I see him spraying on sport screen and then go swimming. Everything in me says no.

What does your inner voice say when it comes to matters of the environment and planet Earth.

As a woman, you have an extraordinary link to nature through your body.

Because you menstruate, or did menstruate, because you maybe birthed and nursed a child, you know all about seasons and cycles; rhythms and balance. Your heart is open to the whole, the need of the community, your children, and your family as connected to you and to everyone else. Your intuition sees the true effect of ignorance, dismissal, and entitlement when it comes to how we treat nature.

In this case, you MUST raise up your voice. Even if everyone around you disagrees or is too lazy to make a change. Even if your partner gets angry and calls you a nitpick or worry wart. Women – you know. Do not let this go!

My intuition says not to put anything into a clear beautiful lake that I would not feed to the fish, the baby minnows. Whatever I put in there, they are going to eat and breathe, regardless.

How do you want to treat the earth? How do you want to treat your body?

I personally try to never put anything on my body such as creams, oils, or shampoos, that I would not eat myself. Because the skin is just as porous as the digestive tract.

So if my husband gives me flack for being so vigilant, I ignore it and persist.

This summer he wore a T-shirt in the sun a lot more and spent more time in the shade. Maybe I will convince him to use natural sunscreen next summer…

What matters is to not give up.

Please use your voice. The baby minnows need you. The earth needs you. The whole food chain needs you. This is really the one time to put your foot down. Again and again. Until we see the change starting to happen.

Love is Your Nature,
– Zoey



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