How I Healed My Cat With Somatica® Coaching

A lot of relationship and intimacy coaching has to do with reclaiming your connection to your primal and animalistic self; so you can be raw, so you can be vulnerable, so you can express yourself fully, so you can be honest and authentic with others. So what about actually healing an animal with Somatica® coaching?  … Read more

How to Become More Sensual

What is this elusive thing called sensuality?  Does it require years of intensive training and practice?  Do you need to read dozens of books to learn this mystical skill?  Of course not! Sensuality is simply being fully awake and alive in your five senses. Even more, it’s about knowing how to utilize your five senses to … Read more

My only ever ONE-NIGHT Stand

His name was Howard. He was a waiter at a fancy Italian restaurant in Upper Westside Manhattan. I was visiting from Montreal where I was studying music at McGill. Every summer since the age of 8 years old, I had been swept away from the rustic back-to-the-land lifestyle that my hippie parents had chosen, to the glittering … Read more