The necessity of women’s tribe…

Question:  What do you get when you bring 4 women to the woods in the middle of nowhere for a weekend? Answer:  Topless dancing, swimming, hiking, soaking in natural hot springs, gourmet meals, lots of laughter and not quite enough sleep! But seriously… These women and I have been journeying together for 3 years now.  We meet for … Read more

What TANTRA has done for us… in the bedroom and in the world… !

Reuben and I are getting ready to teach a 4-week Tantra for Couples course in Nelson, starting Wednesday June 5th and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my excitement for Tantra and what it has done for us! For us, there is now a clear distinction between “conventional sex” and “tantric” (or conscious) sex.  Going … Read more

Are you being YOU in the bedroom?

It disheartens me how much natural sexual expression is thwarted.  Sexual energy is so precious and sacred.  Yet most of us flail around in the bedroom, looking for a “role” to play. Do you fake orgasm?  Do you egg your partner on so sex can be over and done with?  Do you have sex because your partner wants to even though you … Read more

4 Tempting Reasons to Throw Away Your Relationship (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Relationships are hard work.   Aren’t they?  Unlike what we were told as little girls, a prince doesn’t always swoop us up on his white horse and save the day.  The shutters of a luxurious palace do not always open onto a sunshine-y days with birds fluttering in the trees, freshly baked bread and home-whipped butter prepared by the kitchen help.  And we … Read more