Flirt Naturally

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! What calls to you on Valentine’s Day? For a lot of people V-Day can bring up the pressure to be romantic, to say the right thing, to do the right thing. For others it can bring up sadness and longing to be with an ideal partner. For some others it’s a … Read more

The Deeper Purpose of LGBTQ+

In my work with individuals and couples I experience so many different expressions of gender and sexual orientation. More and more people are coming out with their own version and label of where they are on the “rainbow.” And coming out with what it means to them uniquely. I was so inspired last spring to … Read more

Burlesque and the Ancient Prophecy

I saw my first burlesque show last spring.  It was a long time coming.  I live in a small town with a huge burlesque scene, so I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up at a show sooner or later.  What I didn’t expect was the depth and meaning that I experienced at … Read more

How I Healed My Cat With Somatica® Coaching

A lot of relationship and intimacy coaching has to do with reclaiming your connection to your primal and animalistic self; so you can be raw, so you can be vulnerable, so you can express yourself fully, so you can be honest and authentic with others. So what about actually healing an animal with Somatica® coaching?  … Read more