What is Beauty? Let’s Face It!

What is beauty?  Is it the way you do your make up, the way you dress?  Is it your hairstyle, the way your nails look, the jewellery you wear?

Or is it what’s in your heart?  Is it the actions you take, the words you speak, the kind thoughts you have?

When you get dressed and you do your make up, who are you doing it for? And what result you want to achieve? Do you adorn yourself in a way that pleases you?  Is your wardrobe your art:  a personal reflection of who you are inside?

Does beauty come from following guidelines, from mimicking what you see all around you in the newspapers, on TV, in the movies, on posters?  Or does it come from your natural happiness?  From your laughter?  Because you know yourself.  Because you love yourself and that radiates out?

It is natural as a woman to want to allure, attract; to be attractive.  We are the natural peacocks.  It’s human nature, it’s feminine nature.  But what do you want to attract?  Do you want to be yourself? Do you really want to keep up the pressure of this program:  the look, the social status, the formula?  Isn’t that lonely in the end?

What is beauty? Notice your response to a woman with no make-up.  Do you feel more connected, more familiar, or less? Do you feel safer, freer or maybe less engaged? What do you prefer?

The thing is that it doesn’t matter what anyone else prefers.  What matters is what you prefer.

The desire to feel beautiful is never going to go away.  But it is time to stop letting society determine it for you.  Clothing, shoes, hair, body hair, make up, jewellery, the scent you wear:  can you really choose it out of love; out of self-love?

And not out of a statement either.  Not a “screw you” or “I can do it” or “I can be it” or “I can do whatever the heck I want,” but an “I love myself.  I am myself.  I love what I am.”

That is beauty!


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