What is Beauty? You Get to Decide

What is beauty? Well, you get to decide!

Every morning I go for a walk to the end of my block and enter into the forest.  There’s a stream that runs through and a little foot bridge.  Right now it’s wintertime, so there’s not a lot of flowers or colours or leaves on the trees.  But I still stop every morning and I look for beauty.  I look for something that’s different each morning.  And every single day there’s always something.

So, the other day I reached the foot bridge and I had the urge to go further into the woods. Maybe because it was getting a little bit harder to find new things each day.  And so as I walked further into the woods, I ended up standing in the snow looking up at the trees and at the sky.  It was kind of a grey day and a little bit stark, so I really had to slow down to see beauty that day.

I started to look at one tree after another.  I realized that every single tree is different!  Every single tree!  I started to look at the patterns on their bark and, although there’s similarities, similar colours and shapes, I noticed that every single trunk has a particular arrangement of moss here, pattern here, a little bit less there, etc.   Every single one is different.

As I had this thought, I felt myself tuning in to the essence of the trees and I got this really strong feeling that the trees actually know that their bark looks different than the bark beside them.  I don’t mean know like we know as humans, but it was a sense of pure individuality and the rightness of that, almost a pride or natural celebration of being unique.

It was so awesome because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about beauty and how I get to decide as a woman what it is to me.  It’s natural to want to be beautiful, to want to be attractive.  It’s part of the dance of the feminine and masculine.  It’s a natural urge.  Just like the masculine has this natural urge to procreate and to continue the race.  In the feminine there’s this urge to attract, to be attractive, to show up in all our specialness are uniqueness.  We are the peacock of the human species.  And it’s fun!

My question for myself recently has been what is beauty to me?  Because it doesn’t have to be a certain look, or a certain formula.  When I decide for myself what is beautiful, what is that pattern on the trunk that’s mine, then I become attractive.  Because I’m in love with myself.  I love my individual expression.  Because it’s me.  I’ve chosen it.  It’s beautiful to me and now I’m radiating it out just like those trees.  And not with trying to prove something or be flashy or trying to fit into something or act like some idea.  But just being calm, peaceful, just being me.  Like a tree.

What is beauty?  You get to decide!

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