Why HER (Your) pleasure matters…a channeled message

A woman’s power comes from saying yes.  Saying HER yes. Yes to her right to say yes.  Yes to her right to say no.  Yes to her maybe. Yes to choosing.  Yes to having the power of choice to follow her heart, her intuition, her emotions, her creativity, her body, at every turn, in every moment. 

For inspiration on why female pleasure will save our world, read the journal entry below.  This was gifted to me and Reuben on our last day in the wilderness.  We received it as a channeled message. 🙂

May you be whole and loved.

*Disclaimer 1:  The entry below speaks about feminine and masculine. In sharing, we are aware that anyone of any gender can embody any energy in this universe.  And the entry is also referring to what roles have been typical for the last several hundred years.

*Disclaimer 2:  We like to think of the feminine and masculine as having both non-serving (negative) and serving (positive) expressions.  Our work is to awaken and support the rebirth of the Enlightened Feminine and Enlightened Masculine.

Zoey writing:

“… Creating clothing and shelter and tools (technology) was never meant to put us in more sympathetic arousal (panic).  It was meant to do the opposite.  Something has gone wrong.  We must aright it.”

Channeled through Reuben and Zoey:

“Sexual re-empowerment of the female is a big key for this.

Masculine sexuality is fast and hard.  Feminine sexuality is slow and sensual, in tune with nature, in tune with the rhythms of the earth.

A long time ago, feminine sexuality made more sense.  You had more time, didn’t have to be in a rush.  That flowed naturally into sex.

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, society began to really speed up.  We started forgetting and stopped valuing slow and sensual.  We began to value quick fixes, quick orgasms, immediate gratification.  That is why most men use porn for a five minute sleeping pill before bed.  It is one of the only things that helps men who are so keyed up with all this modern day stimulation.  To rest.  It can be the same for women with vibrators.

If we look back even further, Colonization and the Agricultural Revolution began this speed up pace.  It promised the possibility of glittering wealth through the exploitation of the riches and labours of other people’s lands.

But where did this greed actually stem from?  It stemmed from a deep-set fear.  A primal fear/knowing that we are in fact one of the most fragile animals on the planet.

Our essential fragility in nature is somewhat unique.  Animals can find or build a home in days.  They can gather food at will.  Whereas, in general, humans are dependent on access to resources like crops, housing, clothing.  And to get access we can’t just hunt and gather anymore.  We need to trade our labour for the things we need.  This leads to the fear that we won’t have enough.

Our fear also stems from historical trauma. On a cellular level we remember past group traumatic events such as wars, droughts, famines, epidemics.  In large part our response to trauma has been to gather resources around us in order to feel safe.  But even when we’ve gathered enough resources to keep ourselves and our families safe, the fear is still underlying.

So we start to make it our identity to protect ourselves from this fear and trauma.  More and more amassing of resources starts to become an identity.  The ego asserts itself when we stop gathering, saying “you need to keep going.”  It never feels enough.

But when the feminine asserts herself, when an empowered female woman comes together with a man, she can slow him down and help him feel safe.  Her natural rate of being, her natural draw to pleasure and attachment and sensuality can help him focus on the pleasures of day to day.  Feeling safe and connected stops the amassing of unnecessary resources.

By slowing down with a partner, by connecting, breathing, and attuning, we are able to connect with our essential nature and come back into balance in our nervous systems.  This brings health and vitality, empathy and connection.

On the other hand, when the feminine speeds up to match the masculine, that is when we are doomed.  That is when there is no counterbalance.  That is exactly the fear we are all facing in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will we do it differently this time?  Will we heal the trauma and help each other change the human story?  Will we come back together as an Enlightened Masculine and Enlightened Feminine?  Will be find the balance?”

A ton of this work needs to start in the bedroom!

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