Woman – What Is Your GPS?

What is your true life purpose?  What is your heart’s calling?  Our world has been shaken up this past year and so many people are making sea changes in how they live their lives, see themselves and move in relationship with others.


When coaching several women recently on the topic of life purpose and wellbeing, an underlying theme kept arising:  “how do I trust my intuition?” “how do I find my true yes?”


In her ground breaking book, Pussy, Regena Thomashauer talks about our true GPS as women.  She translates GPS as “Great Pussy in the Sky.”  GPS is the intuitive force of the divine feminine wisdom that lives at the heart of all creation, as well as at the root of our beings as women.


In my recent coaching sessions, we had lots of conversations about the voice of the mind versus the voice of the heart.  How both can get us into trouble and be mixed messengers.  We explored the voice of spirit as a perhaps more accurate third option, bringing true fulfillment rather than just gratification in the moment.  We explored the wisdom, images and somatic feel of each voice.  We explored connections between these voices and had them converse with one another.  Yet, I was still left with a sense of something missing in the puzzle. As I thought about it, I realized it’s our GPS – the primal urges we feel; our pussy, our body!


How do we learn to trust our GPS?  Maybe trial and error.  Maybe a little at first and then it gets easier.  She’s a rising voice in our world.  Women’s desire.  Women’s urges.  Women’s satisfaction.  Women’s wild feminine.  The not knowing how we know, but knowing that we just know.


And it’s scary to bring it forward.  Because GPS has been so tamped down and trained out of us.  Not from just our social conditioning in this life but from lifetimes of women being dismissed, ignored, discriminated against, and considered secondary to men.  GPS feels like a little voice, a shameful voice, an unimportant voice.  Yet, without it we are left spinning our wheels between mind, heart and spirit and not finding ground.


How do you connect to your GPS?  How do you find ground in the windstorm of our current times?  How do you trust your yes and follow your calling?


I think our core life purpose at this time, being born into the bodies of women, is just that:  to re -learn how to follow our inner compass.  Not just the whisper of spirit or witness of spirit breathing through is, but our actual physical body’s knowledge of the HOW to move, act, speak, live.  It’s one thing to intellectually or spiritually know why we are here.  It’s another thing to trust the moment-to-moment impulses, the day to day decisions, the choice points of where to focus, the sniffing out of love’s location, the feeling into where energy is flowing.  For this we really need our body, our GPS, our rooting connected to the core of the earth.


Would you like some support in finding your bliss and following your GPS? Please consider scheduling a free 30-minute intro conversation with me.  I’d love to sit down with you and explore what you are dreaming and what’s in the way.  Would you like to start living your truth and love in a body temple that hums with vitality and supports you in your life purpose?  I’m here for you!




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