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Hear what past participants had to say about the program…

“Thank you Zoey for this 8-week journey. I found the singing very grounding and enjoyed the songs you chose. The series helped me embrace my voice and my body exactly as it was in the moment rather than focusing on sounding “good” to others. Looking forward to more!”

“Zoey’s singing circle was so much more than I expected. Prior to joining, a singing circle seemed like a luxury. Now, it seems crucial to set aside regular dedicated time and space to nourish, explore and develop my voice. I got to learn new songs and experience so much joy along the way- thanks to the skillful and fun guidance of Zoey and a wonderful group of women.

“This was my very first experience of singing in a group. It was a lovely experience. Zoey provided a safe, warm and inviting container. By the end of class, I always felt uplifted, re-energized and reconnected to self.”

“Although I have always loved singing so much, I never felt appreciation for my ventures into song from my family. This class was my little escape into joy! Zoey teaches with a clarity that allows you to relax, forget your worries and share a heartspace of healing sound.”

“Yesterday’s class was so heart-opening. It felt amazing to really open my voice more fully and sing the high notes again. I even took out one ear bud halfway through and listened to my voice with no accompaniment! I noticed that it sounded lovelier than I expected – also that age is giving it a new timbre that I kinda like.”

“Zoey is a gentle and encouraging teacher. Her classes leave you soul-nourished. I have signed up for more!”

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