coaching for women

Are you feeling a lack of confidence? Not sure what you want? Or how to communicate it?

Experiencing pain or shut down? Feeling stuck in past patterns or trauma?

Are you longing to connect more deeply with a partner? Do you want to look forward to and enjoy intimacy more?

Why do I want to help you with this?

Because I want you to live your most empowered, sacred and pleasure filled life. I want to live in a world of women who are reclaiming ourselves – together!

how do I do this?

I bring all that I’ve learned from my personal journey of exploring love and intimacy in my 20+ year marriage.

I also bring a synthesis of various trainings and personal practices in the area of tantra, couples therapy, as well as somatic based sexuality and relationship coaching.

I bring my experience of holding space for hundreds of clients and students who bravely walked the journey back home to their empowered selves.

Most of us know what it feels like to struggle with maintaining self-confidence, losing our voice or stamping out our own needs to take care of others. Some of us fear that we’re too much — or that our desires are too much.

While these experiences can be deeply painful, I believe they call us towards embracing our journey of embodiment and pleasure.

What does it mean to become embodied?

Becoming embodied as a woman means stepping out of disempowering societal programming that says you are too much, not enough, too emotional, not skinny enough, etc. Embodiment is about accepting and owning that you are beautiful the way you are. And this includes your sexuality. In your body, you can feel your feelings and desires. You can say yes and no with love. You can move in the world with confidence and self-respect.

your relationship to you

By working together, I help you…


  • Explore key relationship needs and missing experiences to help you ask for what you want
  • Practice communication skills so you attract (and keep) an ideal partner
  • Learn to deal with disappointments and differences in order to reduce arguments
  • Practice expressing boundaries with love rather than pushing the other person away
  • Learn to OWN your feminine essence and initiate sex in a way that is authentic and natural to you
"Opening new doors of connection has meant my husband and I being able to connect more and me being able to ask for more. It doesn’t always have to be sexual and so I don't have to feel broken and disconnected so much because of my physical issues. I’m learning a lot more about what boundaries are for me and how they morph and this has been so great for my self-confidence."
"While working with Zoey, I learned so many things about myself and my needs in relationship. I learned about my partner’s needs and how we differed. I am beyond thankful for Zoey’s interactive and nurturing approach. She is so intuitive and able to cater each session to individual needs of her clients. Her approach is something I don’t believe is easy to find. She will hold you accountable and hold your hand as you step one foot at a time to a journey of deeper self knowing and improved awareness in relationship."

Are you ready to Embody your

Inner Goddess?

In the Embodied Goddess™ coaching package:

I take you personally through my tried and tested 5-step transformational process, to help you increase your confidence, vitality and wellbeing and to help you channel energy wherever you choose in life!






Here’s What You Get When We Work Together

I will be walking with you on your path of embodiment and power reclamation. 

As your personal empowerment coach I am 100% committed to your learning process and to sharing all the tools and knowledge I have…


Unlock the mystery of female power & pleasure with my signature 5 Petal™ Tantra Practice Method. Connect to your full creativity and activate your juicy feminine essence. Live and express your highest potential in relationship – and in life!

Here's what you receive:

During our six-month empowerment immersion you will have private access to me.  Here is what you will you receive:

My care, devotion and love for your journey

Self-Pleasure Practices

Custom-designed instructional videos to help you start, expand, or up-level your self-pleasure practice.

Mapping Your Limitations Worksheets

Exercises to help you to align your mind and body by exposing and welcoming obstacles and beliefs that have been holding you back.

Individual Coaching Calls: 12 one-on-one coaching calls (60-75 mins)

We will meet every 2 weeks for a private coaching session. Each session will be a stepping-stone toward your goal, filled with inspiration, healing, and action steps you can put into practice right away.

Unlimited email access

For the duration of your package, I will be available by email as ongoing support, to answer any questions or to point you in the direction of helpful resources.

Your personalized treasure chest of support and tools

A private, custom-designed support folder. Full of guided meditations, audio tracks, resource lists and other videos about women’s empowerment for you to explore at your own pace.

“Beauty is not caused. It is.”

  -Emily Dickinson

"This connection to my own life force, to my sexuality and to my creativity, has moved me to start a new project that I've been wanting to do for a long time. My partner and I are also now going through a big transformation, which is bringing us into ever-deeper intimacy. It’s the experience I always longed for, but never thought would be possible for me. Our sex life has reached a totally new level because I am learning to ask for what my body desires."

get started

If you are ready to embody your Goddess Power, let’s talk!

To find out about my rates and special offers, your next step is to book a Free Consultation. In this session we will get to know each other and decide if it is a fit to work together.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!