coaching for women

Are you feeling a lack of confidence in your relationship? Not sure what you want? Or how to communicate it?

Experiencing pain or shut down? Feeling stuck in past patterns or trauma?

Are you longing to connect more deeply with a partner? Do you want to look forward to and enjoy intimacy more?

Unlock the mystery of female power & pleasure with my signature 5 Petal™ Tantra Practice Method. Connect to your full creativity and activate your juicy feminine essence. Live and express your highest potential in relationship – and in life!

look inside for answers

Practicing relationship skills in real time in a safe environment effectively transforms how you think, feel and act in a relationship. Working somatically with your body’s wisdom, we quickly get to the root of what is not working for you. Then we allow your body to guide the way by creating a relationship that is more in tune with who you are and what you really need.

your relationship to you

By working together, I help you…


  • Explore key relationship needs and missing experiences to help you ask for what you want
  • Practice communication skills so you attract (and keep) an ideal partner
  • Learn to deal with disappointments and differences in order to reduce arguments
  • Practice expressing boundaries with love rather than pushing the other person away
  • Learn to OWN your feminine essence and initiate sex in a way that is authentic and natural to you

what to expect

We start with a conversation about what you are longing for and what is in the way for you. During a session you receive mentorship, demonstrations, and skill building in real time.

Coaching sessions are usually booked once per week or every two weeks while working toward a specific goal. If you are new to relationship and intimacy coaching, you may require more regular support at the start. If you are looking for inspiration or mentoring in a specific topic, one or two sessions every once and a while may work best for you. Session length is 75 minutes, with debrief and resources offered between sessions, as needed. Coaching is available both online and in person.

about zoey

Zoey Wren is a Life Coach through Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, and Reiki Master. She completed the Full 200-Hour Training Program in Somatic Relational Therapy with Mariah Moser in 2020.

Zoey is also a Trained Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coach through the Somatica® Institute in Berkeley, California. She has taken several courses in Tantric Sexuality with Ma Ananda Sarita, Olivia Jade and Layla Martin.

Zoey is an artist and educator, the producer of 3 CDs, and she holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill and a Bachelor of Education from UBC. You can find her music on Apple Music or Google Play.


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